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Please check the questions below for help on accessing your account!

How do I login?

Use the login email and password we sent you after you placed your order for Date Night Dancing.

You can login on the 'Show Her Off' app on any device or directly online here:

If you already purchased and need your login info just use the reset password link here (enter the email address you ordered with):

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password anytime using the link below (make sure to check your spam folder!):

Where can I download the Show Her Off app?

You can download the 'Show Her Off' app on any smart TV, phone or tablet! Just search the app store for 'Show Her Off'.

Available on: iOS, Android, iOSTV, AndroidTV, Firestick & Roku

How do I get access to Date Night Dancing?

You can order Date Night Dancing here:

After you place your order you will be sent an e-mail with your login information! (make sure to check spam)

I already have Date Night 1, how do I get the others?

You can get the Date Night Pass here:

How do I cancel my Date Night Pass?

You can cancel / update your Date Night Pass membership here:

Do you have gift photos I can print?

Yes! Feel free to download and print any of these gift photos out so you have something to put in a card as a physical gift!

Do you have music suggestions we can dance to?

Yes! The best songs are ones you both know and like! If you don't have any playlists I have a few here you can use to get started"

SHO Pop Songs Playlist:

SHO Romantic Songs Playlist:

SHO Country Songs Playlist:

I have a different question, how can I contact you?

Sure! You can email me directly or call / text 303-376-2526

Enjoy your date night on any device!

​​Access Date Night Dancing from all your devices, including your laptop, iOS, Android, or streaming boxes and TVs such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire.

Available for TV platforms and apps

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